Thursday, June 12, 2008

The Hildenborough Farmers Market (Sponsored by Dame Kelly Holmes)

Tonbridge blog hears that our very own Dame Kelly Holmes was in Hildenborough on Tuesday to open the first weekly farmers market at the Church Hall. Let's hope that she eats lots of Kent apples and strawberries or that the 200 or so people who turned up to see her will bother to visit the market every week. So that's one in Shipbourne and now one in Hildenborough; when oh when oh when will Tonbridge and Malling council or someone else see the light and decide that Tonbridge could have a weekly farmers market in and around the Castle grounds, the focal point of the town, instead of that apology of a one down River Walk which happens just once in a while and nobody goes to it because they have no idea when it's on. We are supposed to be a market town after all, aren't we? I for one would pick up my bread, cakes, cheese and fresh local fruit and veg from it every week without fail. It would save me money, save my health and save me the stress of going to Sainsbury's. We could get that local Bafta winning fellow to open it if Kelly's not free. Maybe in the meantime I'll have to drive over to Hildenborough every Tuesday until they sort their act out....

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