Friday, July 24, 2009

Goodbye Kristys?

Kristys has closed its doors for the final time recently if the white washed windows at the cards shop on Quarry Hill Parade are anything to go by. That's another empty shop in Tonbridge and probably another broken dream for the owners of the business. It is amazing that they couldn't make it work being so close to the railway station with the tremendous amount of passing trade they must have potentially had. I'll be honest with you and say that I only went in there once, when they first opened in fact to wish them well, but I did walk and drive past many times and the sure fire sign that a business is in trouble is the regular sight of that red "SALE" poster slapped across the window. The products they offered were mainly cards and, what I would call trickets, expensive Betty Boo handbags and purses, tacky but pricey ornaments and the like. A victim of the recession perhaps but, correct me if I'm wrong, they never seemed to be open early in the morning, when one would have thought a lot of affluent commuter trade would have been walking straight past their window. I'm no retail expert by any means, and it is a crying shame when any young business goes to the wall, but I do wonder whether or not they made the most of that prime site they were in. It sounds like TonbridgeBlog is twisting the knife a bit but that is definitely not my intention here. As always I'm just one blogger expressing a view....


Anonymous said...

Yes that is correct Tonbridge Blogger you are no retail expert! you complained about the post office trying to sell you stuff you didnt want but it is a good point of sale for them. You shouldnt post stuff about shops closing, you cant say it was the credit crunch that caused it!
Any way i heard a rumor that a newsagents was looking at renting it! and it is a shame about the railway bell thats going to be council houses!

Paul Bailey said...

It's obviously sad when a local business fails and, as you point out Tonbridge Blogger, it means broken dreams for the owner(s). I can't help thinking though that there were already too many card shops, even before the start of the recession, and it does make me wonder just how well the owners of this business did their research before opening.

I'm someone that hates buying cards, simply for the fact that there's too many to choose from. In addition the card manufacturers seem to invent special occasions, like "Second-Cousins, Twice Removed Day" just to try and sell more cards, and I refuse to have anything to do with it. Being a tight so and so, who objects to paying much over 50p for a card anyway, I always buy my cards from the really cheap shop next to Burtons, so I'm afraid I wasn't much help to the owners of Kristys.

As you say, TB, it's all very sad, especially for the owners, but unfortunately there's no room at all for sentiment in business.