Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Halfords electric bikes for a cleaner and greener Tonbridge....

I sent an email to Halfords a couple of weeks ago on the subject of why wasn't this leading retailer at the forefront of promoting and selling electric bikes (scroll down this page for earlier postings on the subject.) I had high hopes that they would drive this forward in response to a concerned customer's (me that is) view. This is the reply they sent me, which, as you can see by my reply back to them, that I was pretty unimpressed with their rather cold but polite, safe and non-commital response. Although Robin, in their customer services department, does offer me a glimmer of hope, saying that they have been testing some e-bikes recently, I really was hoping for a bit more from the number one bike retailer, Halfords, than this:

"Thank you for your email, and please accept my apologies for the delay in our response. In regards to your query, Halfords are constantly bringing out fantastic new products. I saw new Electric bikes being tested just last week here at Halfords. For all the latest available products please follow this link: http://www.halfords.com/ Kind Regards, Robin. Halfords Customer Services"

To which my response was:

"Hello, I was hoping for something a bit more than a fairly standard reply from you. My point is that Halfords, being one of the top bike sellers in Britain, should be leading from the front on this one and making affordable electric bikes available to all. Your company would undoubtedly be on to a winner as no other leading retailer is doing it yet. In any case when I searched on your web site it seems that Halfords do in fact sell some online, but curiously not in store where customers would actually be able to see them, sit on them, perhaps trial them. The environment and climate change is a serious issue, right at the heart of government thinking and electric bicyles have been recognised as an important part of the solution for transport in the next few decades. They are just far too expensive for most pockets, other than the early adopters and those committed to green issues, Best Regards..."

Will that make any difference? let's wait and see....

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