Friday, July 17, 2009

Last Day at School....

I wrote this poem a few years ago when I was quite new at being a school-gate dad, I'm an old hand now of course! So this is dedicated to all the young dads out there who'll be fighting back their emotions today. Seems quite topical at least:

My Cool Sports Shades (Last Day at School)

For the first time
I witness this touching spectacle
Before my eyes,
Unexpectedly tearful,
Behind my cool sports shades
In the warm July sun.

Smiling teachers
Beaming children shouting, excited;
“Freedom!” they cry.

Teachers grin sighs of relief,
Saying their final Goodbyes to parents,
They share hugs from the tearful
Girl leavers
And one or two boys.

Shirts signed by all their mates
From collar to tail.
Touching embraces, from secret sweethearts.
(Maybe one day, who knows?)
Or in another life perhaps.

Boys thinking they’re men,
Girls become women so fast.

Then first my boy
Through the crowd,
His face gradually appears, as I pick him out
His face relieved yet sad,
As he hands me a painting, of Everest.
(So many mountains to climb!)

Then my daughter
Like a fairytale princess
Sees me before I spot her.
Smiling, handing me paintings,
Notepads, pencil case and bag.
I become the porter for a whole year’s worth of kids stuff,
Like a cricket umpire; it’s part of my day.

“Year six now!”
“Year two now!”
But first that long rest in between awaits them.

“Pyjama Day tomorrow!”

It’s the end of term!

I dab a tear secretly
From the corner of my eye,
Behind my cool sports shades.

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Paul Bailey said...

Are your sports shades that cool?