Friday, March 26, 2010

True blue Mr. Books Bookshop....

And speaking of true blue (in this case the colour of my shop front and not necessarily my political persausion!) it was very nice of The Tonbridge Insider magazine to publish a full page article about the West Kent Book Fair literary events and even nicer of them to use my watercoloured shot of Mr. Books on their front page. They actually phoned me to ask did I mind if they used it. Now what was I going to say to that?!..

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alesteir crowley said...

"I'm not setting out to be Mr. Tonbridge or anything like that, I don't actually enjoy the limelight that much"
Is that what you were going to say?

You've inspired me though. I've just given about 3000 books away to a charity. And I think I might start the Bal(actuallyDougJeffersbutdon'tleton)ham Blog, to give a voice to the downtrodden people of Balham and possibly even bring a little culture into their lives - an Evening with Pam Ayers - My Favorite Colouring Books with Alan Partridge sort-of-thing held in me wee battling-on shop. And we could campaign for SAS training for Trading Standards inspectors and support gooles fight for free- speech against the repressive Chinese totalitarians. And we could have self-help forums on how to spot needy megalomaniacs and what to do if they start blogging against you in forums which allege to be for the public good but are only vehicles for their venomous spite.......and maybe show a few snaps taken in the snow