Thursday, March 4, 2010

You finish the story....

What's new in Tonbridge this week? Nothing much to report; as they say in media circles: a bit of a slow news week! We all await Spring to bring an end to this long cold dark and dreary winter. The park is flooded, but then that's nothing new. The traffic is quite bad through the High Street, but then that's also nothing new. The traffic wardens/parking attendants/civil enforcement officers are still booking cars in the car parks instead of keeping the main roads unblocked and that's certainly not new. The yoofs are still skateboarding around the Sainsbury's car park instead of staying at home reading and doing their homework, but then haven't teenagers always done that? The charity shops are still taking up all the vacant shop units (how do they afford it?) There's still no coherent plan for the town centre (or at least not one that's likely to be actioned any time soon) Work on the A21 extension to Longfield Road still hasn't started. The shop unit on the corner of Church Lane is still boarded up after at least 8 years that I know about, the ridiculous tubs that someone thought would be a good idea to plonk on the corner of Bank Street and plant some tiny trees in are still there despite the fact that the trees have been snapped off for over a year. So nothing really is new in Tonbridge this week. When suddenly.....


alesteir crowley said...

--- someone asked "Is twitter pointless?..."

Anonymous said...

tonbridge blog is pointless!!!!

Anonymous said...

When suddenly all the charity shops in the town and all the pound shops decided to close and upsticks. And in their place came M&S, Next, Russell&Bromley, Jaeger, Costa Plenty and of couse Waterstones.

Anonymous said...

is it true poundstrecthers are closing down?

Stephen said...

Work on the A21 extension to Longfield Road still hasn't started

And with luck, it never will!

TonbridgeCommuter said...

Tonbridge Blog is not pointless, charity shops are here to stay and what is it with this person having a bee in their bonnet about Poundstretcher!

Paul Bailey said...

When suddenly a long extinct volcano below the castle mound errupted into life, showering the hapless residents of this quiet market town with ash, whilst rivers of molten lava engulfed all in their path!

When suddenly the town was shaken by a quake measuring at least 7 on the Richter scale, and huge fissures opened in the ground, swallowing buildings whole (and people). Miraculously, MR Books shop was one of the few buildings in the town to survive this disaster.

Come off it Tonbridge Blogger, you really need to get out more. (Mind you, having written that load of bunkum, I think I do as well!)

Anonymous said...

...I'm not half the man I used to be,
There's a shadow hanging over me,
Oh, yesterday came suddenly.

Anonymous said...

When suddenly all the residents of Tonbridge woke-up to what is happening across Kent and the rest of the UK

Hollie Greig is NOT an isolated case

Anonymous said...

Tonbridge - WOKE-UP from their comfortable slumber and realised everything was not as it seemed

Staff at children's services department of Kent County Council face redundancy
The jobs of 260 children’s services staff at County Hall are to be axed in a major shake-up of the authority’s biggest department.


Conference : Lawful Rebellion – Fighting Child Stealing by the State

Duration : All Day

Date : 10th april 2010

Location: Stafford Rangers Football Club, Stafford , West Midlands

Speakers: Brian Gerrish ,Key activists and parents, including oversea’s speakers.

Anticipated support – MPs, local councillors, Police, Social Services, Charities and Quango’s: None

Background: We now know that thousands of children are being taken from parents by the State using lies, false accusation, false evidence, perjury, intimidation, harassment and secret courts.

Those involved include some MPs, Judges, Police, NHS ( including Doctors, Psychiatrists and Paediatricians) Social Services and Charities.

We recognise that most people are good but that does not allow callous criminal activity to be covered up.

We understand that child-stealing is perpetrated by the State to break up families and leave the children to be claimed for nefarious purposes. The act of stealing is a template which is replicated across UK and in Countries overseas.

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