Thursday, May 13, 2010

Farmers markets....

Called in at the Shipbourne Farmers Market early on this morning. Every time I go there I'm reminded of how wonderful it is. Stalls across the church pews and spilling out into the path ways leading to the door. In season, and bought by me this morning, are sprouting brocolli, spring onions, raddishes, spring greens and lovely fresh asparagus. What could be better! Then there was the mushroom magic man with his punnets of mixed fungi for my risotto this weekend, the cheese from local Penshurst farmer, the fresh baked bread from Rusbridger's of Southborough. I didn't buy any meat or fish this time because it would have had to have sat all day in my car but I could have had some beautiful steak and ale pie and freshly made sausage rolls. I could see them there beckoning me to take them home. You go to Sainsbury's if you want to, I'll stick with traditional local produce. I love that kind of shopping....


TonbridgeCommuter said...

Sounds great - i'll have to check that out one day when i'm not commuting!

Talking of that, Network Rail have plans with the Council to make improvements to Tonbridge Station. Changes to the layout of the booking hall to address the conflicting movements of people, new canopy at main entrance, improved cycling provision and the cladding on the front will be replaced with stainless steel panels.

B said...

Shipbouren=Farmers Market
Penshurst=Farmers Market
Hildenborough=Farmers Market
Tonbridge= when?

Surely there is enough demand?

Castle Grounds, or opposite the castle where it used to randomly appear?

Come on Tonbridge!

Maybe a TB petition?

The Tomahawk Kid said...

I would have gone to the Shipbourne Farmers' Market, but couldn't be bothered because it wasn't on Twitter or Facebook!