Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Money for old ads....

You see those ads on this page in the top left hand corner and below the latest Tonbridge Blog posting. Well they are Google ads which have been, mostly quietly, sitting there changing and refreshing for the past year and a half. TBlog got a fair amount of criticism for "selling out" when I signed up to have them appear on this site but I figured that you'd hardly notice them after a while and they mght even enhance the look of it. Now I was never under the illusion that I'd make my millions from introducing these ads, or even make enough to buy a decent secondhand car but I did think maybe I'd make enough to buy a meal out once in a while, a little bonus shall we say. I've just received my first payment of £61.21 which has only taken from June 2009 until now to come through. You see the thing is, when you read the small print of the agreement you see that, rather cunningly and sneakily, they don't pay you at all unless the amount owed goes over £60 which is a bit tight of them but then that's probably why they are one of the most profitable companies in the world these days. Still it's enough for a nice Chinese takeaway from the Daily Rice this weekend and I didn't really have to do much to earn it....


Anonymous said...

The daily rice shrugged off it's rat dropping zero scores on the doors rating now then?
If it's good enough for you etc etc.

Anonymous said...

Anon 1.30pm, you must be wrong. There was a Chinese take away with a problem a few years back but it has since changed its name.
The Daily Rice has a score of 3 stars. Unlike others in the town that only have one.

Anonymous said...

I think it was the Golden Ring near Priory Road that got shut down some years ago due to rats and cockroaches.

Anonymous said...

bbc news may 2009:
A rat infestation at a takeaway in Kent has led to the business being closed, a council has said.
The Bamboo House on Tonbridge High Street will not reopen until pest control and food hygiene procedures are in place, the borough council said.

Officers visited the site on Friday and immediately closed the Chinese takeaway seeking a court order the next day.
On Wednesday, the council said the "unusual" move to close premises on the spot was because of the health risk.
Barry Olding, chief environmental health officer, said: "When there is an imminent risk to public health we have no option but to take immediate action."

Officers found the rats posed a "significant risk of food contamination".
Officers said they were still considering further legal proceedings in relation to food hygiene offences.