Saturday, March 5, 2011

Sevilleized hobby....

I notice in the Courier that local lass Kathie Foster Smith has surprised herself by coming third place in a national marmalade making competition. I haven't got the full facts in front of me so perhaps some one can post the details below but it seems that Kathie, who is better known to me, as being a prominent Slade residents association committee member, was staggered to discover that her preserves had made it to the final which Guardian journalists were judging. She's pictured in the paper grinning proudly behind a huge stack of her orangey produce which just made me feel incredibly hungry as I absolutely love the marmalade. So I hope that you're listening Kathie as I'd love to try a jar or two so that I can tell the good readers of TBlog and The Tonbridge Insider all about it. She certainly kept this hobby of hers quiet all these years. How about a part exchange for a few paperbacks before you become too famous?!

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