Saturday, March 5, 2011

Tonbridge Half Marathon: update on training schedule....

My training session for the Tonbridge Half Marathon hasn't exactly got off to a flying start. You might even say that I've managed to go backwards! I did manage, as mentioned earlier this week, to get along to see some of the Tunbridge Wells Half Marathon last Sunday. What I got out of that was that there was clearly a requirement for sheer dedication and determination and also the sense that there was much cammeraderie in the whole experience. This, I kidded myself, might well carry me along on the day. Then I remembered just how little excercise I've done in the last five years and just how much work I need to put in to get anywhere near the magic 2 hours mark. You see I'm very confident that I could walk it with very little training. So that means that I could do it tomorrow in well under 5 hours by walking at a fairly comfortable pace. Running some and walking some would almost certainly get that time down to three and a half. So the training is all about shaving off those one and a half hours to achive the target I've sort of set myelf. My schedule so far then:

Sunday: watched part of T. Wells Half M
Monday: had lay in as it was my first chance for weeks. Then spent about four hours clearing out my loft and taking most of it to the council dump.
Tuesday: at work, feeling a little cold and under the weather.
Wednesday ditto
Thursday felt the urge to do some running but instead speed walked to work and then back again later. (A start possibly!)
Friday Big setback. Had a very dodgy tummy and felt terrible. Had the runs of a different kind! (Sorry but it's true.)
Saturday: Still feeling slightly dodgy so didn't even walk to work as I often do. Decided that my old moped needed a run out (and anyway it's much quicker and I was running late!)

Fortunately the race isn't until September; perhaps I should employ the services of a personal trainer. Waddaya think?...


sebfox said...

If I were you I'de leave any serious running till April. More daylight then,therefore more motivation. Just use this month to work up to it gradually. Walk as much as you can, interspersed with a bit of running to start with. Try to run to work and back home, but very gently, slowly. You do more harm than good if you try too much too soon.
At least once a week, if possible, drive to Camber sands and run along the beach when the tide is out and the sand is wet, but solid. You can run as far as you like, and nobody gets in your way. You'll find the sea air, and the 'perfect for running' surface of the beach becomes strangely addictive.
Don't restrict your running to hard surfaces, use a mix of tarmac and grass if you can, our joints are'nt designed for concrete. Above all, introduce your body to running very VERY gradually for the first few days, just take it easy.

blogswill said...

If you are serious about this I suggest you contact James at If you really want to get fit and focussed, he's your man - give him a call