Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Scooters to invade Tonbridge High Street....

Watch out for an invasion of 1960s Lambrettas and Vespa scooters this weekend as scooter clubs descend on Tonbridge High Street. The event, if you can call it an event, it certainly looks set to be eventful, has been arranged by Retro 66 barbers, who have a Vespa in their window, which attracted one of the club members in to have his barnet chopped (1960s style of course!) Let's hope that the Rockers don't get wind of it otherwise we could have Brighton 1967 on our hands all over again. Running battles between Mods and Rockers down the street, on the sea front, scuffles with the law, ice cream, getting hit over the head with a bike chain, Quadrophenia, a knee trembler with a young and attractive Lesley Ash down an alley way just away from the violent scenes developing nearby as the Ace Face (Sting) gets thrown into the back of a Black Maria....Marvelous days I hear some of you quietly saying to yourselves!

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