Thursday, July 8, 2010

Punk Shockers attack ears of genteel Tonbridge folk....

For the past two weeks or so there's been a band practicing in the vacant, even derelict building, almost opposite Mr. Books Bookshop. It's thought that the building may have once been the first Bank in Tonbridge and therefore effectively named the street, Bank Street. What sort of music is been played in this genteel corner of Tonbidge old town? A bit of Vivaldi's Four Seasons perhaps, or a brass band to remind us all of those lazy summer days spent on the Castle lawn? No I'm afraid not. The nearest I can get to describing the musical genre they belong to is Post Punk Soft Rock with some Beatles White Album shit! Someone once said that there are only two types of music anyway: Good Music and Bad. Don't get me wrong, in the right place after a few beers chilling out, I would quite like to listen to them, be entertained by them even. By the way, if you're reading this lads, it definitely was not me who called the boys in blue the other day. Some neighbours, who clearly thought we were being invaded by Johnny Rotten and Public Image and feared for their daughters very beings, did it. Two police cars arrived on the scene to hear their sounds blarting out of the building, two burly coppers knocked on the door several times but apparently no one upstairs could hear them! So off they toddled. It seems that the lads are not committing any crimes as they have permission to use the building. It would have been much more Punk if I could tell you that they'd broken in and started squatting in the derelict bank building but, the truth is that they have a key from one of their dads! They ought to have someone stand outside with a camera to see the genteel folk passing by the building when the band are in full tilt to capture the look of sheer horror and shock as they try to imagine what monsters, what creatures of the dark, the excruciating racket is coming from. For surely nothing, they think, of this world could produce such an ear splitting din! I've never even seen any of the band yet but I really do feel like I know them all intimately. The drummer especially I'd say is pretty competent, he packs a great beat as they say; as is the guitarist who seems to like going off at the odd weird tangent (thus the reference to the Beatles White Album) and I cannot yet decide whether the singer is a bit flat, really crap or quite good but being deliberately flat and crap! Believe you me there's alot of difference. Actually I'm confusing myself! So it's not that I think they are useless and untalented it's just that when you hear the same songs over and over again and then bits of the same songs over and over again it starts to gets right inside you head. In fact I even woke up this morning humming one of their catchy tunes. (And I wish I was exagerating but it's true I really did.) I am going to find out what they're called (suggestions please) and where they are playing though. I think they owe me a couple of freebie tickets by now for all the rehearsals I've had to endure, er I mean enjoy listening to!...

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Tonbridge blogger said...

Possible names for the band: Trude Boys (That's Tonbridge Rude Boys-geddit!)

Or how about: The Punk Pidgeon Shockers (so called because they've frighten most of the pidgeons resident in the drelict building next door) Okay that one's crap.

The Squatters
The Rottens or maybe just Rotten (after Jonny of course!)
Pretty in Punk
etc. Someone else have a go. What are they called anyway?