Friday, July 2, 2010

Ten ways to keep cool in the hot weather....

(1) Drink ice cold orange juice
(2) Dive, er sorry, step carefully into Tonbridge Swimming Pool (it's actually cooler in the inside pool at the moment believe it or not!)
(3) Hang around the chilled foods section at Waitrose all afternoon pretending you can't find the Venezualan goats cheese.
(4) Put you head next to a fan while dabbing you neck with a wet flannel
(5) Take ice cold can of Fosters lager from fridge roll around on neck, face and other body parts, pull ring pull, pour into pre-cooled glass, sit down in shade of a tree in garden, and enjoy! (no this is not an advertisement for Fosters)
(6) Sit with your feet in The Shallows of Tonbridge (oh actually you can't do this since they built the Leigh Flood Barrier) For those old enough to remember they were once a very popular summer picnic beauty spot. Now we have the dog crap ridden Haysden Country Park in their place. Never mind eh!
(7) Stick ice pops down you shirt/blouse
(8) Probably too late to buy an air con unit but you could try. I'm sure that Homebase and B&Q on Cannon Lane will stock them.
(8 and a 1/2) Buy a book (it won't keep you cool, unless of course it's Ice Station Zero or maybe Pingu, but I had to get it in somewhere!)
(9) It's just too hot to think of any more so
(10) that's it....


Anonymous said...

Fosters - No!

Anonymous said...

Carlesburg or Carling Yes, Not Fosters TB!!!!

Anonymous said...

Actualy, although I am a died in the wool, absolutely love it, real ale bitter drinker, when it's over 25 degrees - I start with a pint of cold lager.
Preferably one with a bit more flavour than the afore mentioned.

Tonbridge blogger said...

Perhaps, with the Fosters, I'm not tasting Australian lager at all but, more, draining the last few dreggs of my dwindling youth!

Anonymous said...

Blimey, just had a couple of pints of Tonbridge Brewery's new offerings - Blonde Ambition and Bottoms Up. Let's just say you're better off on the Fosters TB. Bloody grim they are.

Paul Bailey said...

I'm disappointed to see your comments, Anonymous about the new Tonbridge Brewery beers.

I haven't tried them myself yet, but I know the owner has put a lot of work into ensuring everything is right with the beers; even delaying their launch until he was 100% happy. Would be interested to know where you sampled them?

ps. Would rather drink my own urine than Fosters. Even Australians think it's an awful beer!!

Anonymous said...

Twas The White Rock Inn, Underriver PB. The golden ale had no body and tasted like fosters which had been dosed with some hop concentrate. The bottoms up, well that could only be described as an uninspiring brown beer flavoured liquid. Very disappointing.