Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Abbey Funeral Directors Advertorial....

There now follows an advertorial by Abbey Funeral Directors who are based on Tonbridge High Street. They like Tonbridge Blog so much that they're prepared to pay to take a link on it:

In a society where, according to a poll commissioned by the Foresters Friendly Society, only about 39% of the population have made a will, it is surprising that so many people are now looking to purchase a funeral plan.  
Part of the reason may be to protect assets. In the event that residential care is paid for from an individual’s personal assets, ring fencing savings to pay for funeral expenses may not work. When they are means tested, savings are just savings and your plans for their use has no importance, where a funeral plan is a purchase; the money has been spent and can’t be counted as part of your financial assets.
Whilst there is clearly financial value is buying a plan, for many people the main reason is to remove that responsibility from their families when they die. This only works when the plan is one which performs well at the time of need.
Often people approach us who have made some provision. Regrettably, too often they come to us with a plan that we cannot accept. Some insurance based schemes restrict the plan holder to using a particular funeral group. These details are often in the small print and come as an unpleasant shock. Also insurance backed schemes only promise a sum of money, the value of which will be eroded by inflation and may be insufficient to fund the funeral
Christine Parker and her daughter Jo, directors of Abbey Funeral Services Ltd are happy to discuss either existing plans or the purchase of a new plan. Their plans are totally flexible and portable and can be used at any funeral directors. If the plan holder moves to another area the plan can move with them to a local firm.
Chris and Jo will be hosting a coffee morning at Christ Church in Tonbridge High Street on Saturday 1st October 2011 when they will be available to answer any questions regarding funeral planning, both new and existing.

Christine Parker
Managing Director
Abbey Funeral Services Ltd           
01732 360328


funeral directors London said...

It does not mean that when a person dies, it is the end of everything. Friends and family of the departed would not stop from remembering their perish one. That is the reason people need to ensure their loved one's funeral and make sure that they are provided with the best service they truly deserve.

Anonymous said...

my gran bought a plan from a firm in Tonbridge a lot of years ago and when she died we couldnt use it because the firm was owned by a different chain and we had to go to Maidstone to get her funeral done. When we said we wanted to go to somebody in Tonbridge we were told we could only get back what gran had originally paid with no interest.

funeral director said...

Selecting the right funeral homes might prove to be valuable in helping the family find closure while giving that deceased individual dignity in his or her departure from this life. Directors at these businesses help people through the entire planning process.