Thursday, August 25, 2011

Discovery apples give away....

The reason Mr. Books has been able to make the incredible offer of an apple and pad with every book sold is that I've had an absolutely amazing crop on my tree at home this season. I only have the one Discovery tree but, my word, has it produced some apples this year. Well we do live in the Garden of England. I must have lost as many on the ground as well but no matter, there's been plenty more where they came from. In fact I'm surprised the tree hasn't fallen over with the weight of them all! If I knew how to store the juicy beauties properly they'd probably last until 2013 but the truth is after the first two dozen or so you get a bit bored of eating them, even as sweet and delicious as they are. So you see I can spare a few apples to give away to loyal customers. Not quite an i pad but then you can't eat an i pad can you! (very easily anyway)

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