Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Cornwall Blog. Now there's a thought!...

What a lovely sunset from our holiday flat balcony

Waxing down our surf boards: Surfing Cornwall eh!

 I promised I wouldn't bore you with all my holiday photos from Cornwall because we all know how tedious that can be. Come on we've all been invited round to see the family or neighbour's holiday slide show and had to sit through, sometimes literally, thousands of similar shots of their family on the beach with boats and different objects in the background! After all this is a Tonbridge Blog not a Cornwall Blog (although that is a thought!) In any case I spent most of my time in the sea body boarding or swimming so it would have been tricky with the camera. But anyway here are just a few choice ones:
The Cadgwith Sea Shanty Singers at the Fishermans Festival
Prize winning catch for the smallest fish of the day
The largest catch of the day at the weigh in

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