Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Little Green Bags!...

After having gone to a talk hosted by the Gaia Parnership at the Hay Festival (as one does!) which was all about eco greenish issues and saving the planet by all of us working together as one world in harmony, I decided to do something about my stationary and paper bag suppliers for my business. I must confess that before this I didn't have a clue whether my bags were made of recycled paper or if they were biodegradable or from sustainable forest sources, not a clue. I seized the initiative and telephoned one of the numbers in the "Greenlinks Directory" which I'd picked up at Hay on Wye. The company in question, Reprodux Design and Print of Hereford, who made all sorts of bold claims in their literature about recycled papers and vegetable based inks, said that they couldn't supply bags and told me to "Google it" to find out. Not really what I was hoping to hear I must say. But I pressed on, spending some considerable time going out of my way in my determination to do my bit and make a difference. After having left messages with the Green Party and a host of other organisations I ended up talking to the Soil Association to find out who supplies their Organic Food generic bags and was told of two more companies who were manufacturers of these type of bags. I honestly was amazed at how much effort was required to find the answer to the fairly simple question of where I could get hold of those little green bags. To cut a very long story short, through this rather circuitous route, I found out about and have now arranged to see a company called Associated Packaging, who have a range of biodegradable carrier bags and recycled paper bags based in, you've guessed it, Canon Lane, Tonbridge.


Anonymous said...

Well done and all positive!!
Next time you smell the perfume odour that descends on the High Street give Environmental Health at TMBC a call. They are gathering information and need to know when it is occuring. And once again I stress you don't know what you are breathing in. There's no harm done to just report it whatever your views may be.

Tonbridge said...

I just wondered what Anonymous's comment had to do with little green bags. As the perfume odour has not been around for a while at the high street or any other smell since the company had a new filter fitted to stop these smells.
All the odours stay inside the plant.

Anonymous said...

I am sorry to disappoint you. A new thermal oxidiser (fitted) was fitted in October 2008 but unfortunately this was not successful and the company still emit waste into the atmosphere. The smell has been in the High Street and was over The Botany area yesterday and the odour was reported as far as Hartlake Lock on Tuesday.
As far as little green bags are concerned - the connection is a green issue. Lateral thinking!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

ps to Tonbridge

I am certainly not the enemy!

Tonbridge said...

Hi Anonymous yes i was told about the perfume smell as my father said he had smelt it but this seems to be the only smell that make's it's way out of the plant.

There is many smell's in there i should no but none of the other's make there way into Tonbridge.

Am sure if there was a danger to the people of Tonbridge it wouldn't be aloud to carry on.

And to think that that perfume smell is what goes in washing powder used by many people of Tonbridge.

Anonymous said...

You are assuming.
What is your evidence based on?
Who is your father? Is he a trained chemist?
The people would not know if it was dangerous as it is difficult to gather evidence, but we are gathering rather a lot in favour that it certainly could be far more dangerous than you are led to believe.

I am not sure who you are either as your style of writing has changed between the two posts. You have made far too many deliberate spelling mistakes.

Therefore I assume you could be a representative of Drytec.

I am simply asking the residents to be more aware and informed about what they are breathing in. Why should they be subject to a nuisance smell or far more worrying a health hazard.

Yes the chemicals that create the smell go into products in very small amounts. However, the chemicals that are in the air over Tonbridge are in different proportions.

Once again I am not the enemy to residents of Tonbridge. I live here myself and am concerned for my family's health.

That's all normal isn't it.

Hopgarden said...

I smelt that smell in Tonbridge High Street last week so it's not just staying around the plant. Haven't thought too much about it before but am now. Thanks for that x