Friday, June 26, 2009

Tonbridge Gassers and Rubber Fanciers anyone?!

There are many events going on at the Angel Centre across the Summer months. Masses for the kids if you want to get shot of them in the school holidays! Masses for flower arrangers and decorative/fine artists, society's for older folk wanting to find themselves in their retirement (U3A) and why not?! There are post card fairs, record collector fairs, stamp fairs, you name it. There's even a club with the rather suspiciously name Tonbridge Gassers and Rubber Fanciers! I kid you not. They claim to be a model aircraft society but I'm not going to risk going to one of their meetings to find out! There's bound to be a club or society right up your street so if you want to take a closer look and can't be bothered to walk or cycle along on your electric bike to the Angel Centre's reception desk then you can see the online leaflet here. It could be the start of something new in your life. Now I'm starting to sound like an advertisement for Tonbridge Council leisure services!...

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