Saturday, June 20, 2009

What to do on a sunny Fathers Father's Fathers' Day....

Get planning those barbeques for these long early summer evenings because we're in for some lovely summer weather by the look of it. At least, that is, if this ten day forecast on is anything to go by. That's what I've got planned for Fathers Day a burger, king prawn and tuna barbe, washed down with some tins of Australian lager and a few glasses of Cab Sauv. Before that I might just go for a longish bike ride or a walk across the beautiful Kent countryside. After that I'll probably just collapse in the chair and let the kids do all the work just for once. I used to think that Fathers Day was just a load of commercial nonesense but as I get older I'm getting the hang of it! Incidentally why is it Fathers Day and not Father's Day or even Fathers' Day??..

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