Friday, June 26, 2009

TonbridgeBlog joins in live debate with Ed Milliband on Climate Change....

My latest posting on twitter is in response to a Downing Street twitter, or tweet as they're known, inviting people to join in a live debate about climate change. I think I'm becoming obsessed with electric bikes because I cannot stop banging on about them now! Any bike shops out there who want me to test ride one, please feel free, I won't be shy or embarrassed about it and will give a full and honest account of my extended road test; let's say I keep the e-bike for about a year to be going on with! Anyway this is what I sent to Ed Milliband via Twitter (remember you have to fit your tweet into a max of 140 characters; by the wayI managed, rather skilfully to do that exactly in this case as it happens! so it concentrated the mind to be succinct and to the point, unlike here)

"@DowningStreet Why doesn't Mr. Milliband spearhead a drive to get people to take to electric bikes. V. clean & green, but far too expensive!"

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