Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Anyone seen 13,000 Tonbridge Arts Festival Programmes?!..

Okay who's 'alf inched em? I think I'll hang onto the few copies I've got as they now seem to have become a scarce commodity! They could be worth a lot of money one day! But seriously has anyone seen them? 13,000 are meant to have been distributed by some company in Devon and yet no one seems to have seen any. Now it would be quite easy to lose a couple or even a box or two; but really how is it possible to lose 13,000 of the things? It beggars belief. Maybe they'll turn up in Budleigh Salterton or somewhere. Always go local wherever possible would be my simple message for the future and in the meantime everyone will just have to jolly well have a look at the official website which does have an online version of the programme. Some people have left comments on this blog to the effect that they don't think the Art Fest site is a top notch design (and that's putting it very nicely) but it does at least contain the information. So, if you are interested in the arts, be it visual, performing or literary then have a look because if you're waiting to see a printed version you may end up disappointed. Chairman of the organising committee, Andy Brett, was displeased to say the least and may have been heard using the word flip and damn on more than one occasion! And who can blame him? But Tonbridge we are bigger than this we won't let this get us down or put us off going to what promises to be a great festival. Remember the most important thing is that many of the events are not only going to be entertaining and educational but they're also FREEEEEEE!!..


Anonymous said...

At a book group last week, half had received a programme through the door, and half ( including me ) had not. I picked one up today from the library.

You ought to remind book groups about your literary quiz.

Paul Bailey said...

Are you sure the organisers haven't been scammed over these programmes? I hope not, but when you say 13,000 copies were supposed to have been distributed by "some company in Devon", it all sounds a bit vague, to say the least. Was money paid up front? Again, I seriously hope not, but reading between the lines I have to wonder.

Bex said...

Already looking forward to the literary quiz and the poetry evening in Mojos. Culture and booze...winning combination!