Saturday, December 11, 2010

Kept in the dark....

The lampost at the corner of the High Street and Bank Street in Tonbridge has been made safe it would seem after the terrible incident of the electrocuted dog. The workmen flattening out the pavement after the repair had no idea what had happened and were interested to find out. When I told them the story of how a dog had taken a leak against the "live" lampost and got a heck of a shock they were sypathetic they really were. But it didn't stop one of them bursting out laughing at the very thought of it. Some people have a very cruel sense of humour! Now that they've earthed it or whatever they did to make it safe it would actually be quite nice if that, and the other lampost on the same corner, could actually have a bulb put in them so that they give off some, you know, light. I know I'm probably asking too much here but I maybe thought that that was their purpose!...


Anonymous said...

You know KCC's reply is that they need special bulbs and they take 18 month to arrive. There seem to be a few of the special bulbs out in the town right now.
You can blame TMBC for installing these in some parts of the town at extra cost and the rest of us have to do with bog standard ones. Why, we all pay council tax?
You may have also seen the article in your favorite local rag about KCC planning to remove the railings in Tonbridge at Brook St etc to make the place look better.
I think it must be due to scrap values and reducing painting and maintenance costs.

Callum James said...

It wouldn't surprise me if it was to make the Brook Street nicer, West Kent College (now Kent College) have spent a pretty penny to make the college look nice.

I admit I laughed when I heard of the dog electrocuting itself (non fatally, of cours) but its nice to see they did something and want to investigate further.

Anonymous said...

We have all been kept in the dark in more ways than one !

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