Saturday, December 4, 2010

Safe Roads please....

I have to drive to Farnham tomorrow and do you know which bit of the journey scares me the most? It's not the A21 through the Sevenoaks Downs, nor is it the possibility of being shunted by some nutter on the M25; or, for that matter, the prospect of a freezing cold wind blowing the car off the A31 "Hogs Back" between Guildford and Farnham. No, it's none of these, but it is the 200 yards from my driveway to the Quarry Hill! Now what does that say about the negligence of our councils' services. I'm told that the problem lies with the fact that the Highways are the responsibility of Kent County Council, as are the pavements by the way; that is to say it's nothing to do with the borough council (Not our problem mate!) Or it could be that they now sub contract most of the work out these days. Work for which previously they would have employed their own full time staff to do. To be perfectly honest I, and I suspect the vast majority of the Tonbridge public, don't care about the ins and outs of it. WE JUST WANT OUR ROADS MADE SAFE PLEASE!!!! After all, as we're hearing on the news, Tescos supermarkets have invested in mini snow ploughs and gritters to clear their car parks so why can't the council do more?...

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Anonymous said...

KCC have been sending a road progress report for Kent every day to all KCC councilors.
Tonbridge extract issued at 16.20 on friday:

Primary and secondary routes to be salted this afternoon/evening. Primary routes will be done again in the morning after snow/sleet/ rain. We have been widening out roads using the snow ploughs and will continue tonight. The farmers have been out ploughing the rural roads and estates.

Footways in West Malling have again been treated and cleared. We have also hand salted the overbridges in Ightham and Snodland that we did not get to yesterday. We will have 5 gangs from Tonbridge and Malling BC tomorrow. 1 gang will stay in Tonbridge area and check the high street and all areas they have been covered for salting. 1 gang to work in Hildenborough clearing the footway in front of the shops in Riding Lane and 1 gang to go to East Peckham to clear in front of the shops and 1 gang to hand salt Borough Green and Hadlow

If there is any time left checking town centres for hand salting as and where required

We have filled salt bins in Ightham and Snodland

Other Local Action
Remaining salt bags delivered today (Snodland, Ditton, East Malling and Larkfield and West Malling)

Road Closures
No roads closed

(a margate councillor puts it on his blog just google for eastcliffmatters)