Thursday, December 23, 2010

Tonbridge 2010 in pictures....

Tonbridge Parish Church looking very festive

An arrest at Mr. Books (Thankfully I managed to escape!)

The Big Picture on the Castle wall summed up the spirit of the Arts Festival

Magician, Jonathan Shotton, gave a Las Vegas style performance at The new K College theatre

Tonbridge Christmas tree at night looking lovely in the snow

The Mr. Books bike axle deep in snow

Another Tonbridge Book Fair got underway in May 

Merry Christmas and on to my other job!

The park floods yet again, better than the town flooding I guess!

All aboard the 213 for Willow Lea

Sorry pal Klan has been closed for over two years now!

Deep snow and ice is very much the story as 2010 draws to a close

Where did I put my canoe?

Sofa so good! A very strange scene in the middle of the High Street.

Just look at the size of those pumpkins at the award winning Shipbourne Farmers Market

A tough year for traders at the Angel Flea Market?

Bucks Fizz finished off a superb Tonbridge Arts Fest in suitably kitsch style!


Anonymous said...

When are you going to open a book shop on the corner of Church Lane?. Its been an eyesore since Oxfam left many years back.

I hope that you never wait for the 213 to Willow Lea or you will be waiting for a very long time.

Paul Bailey said...

Nice pics, TB. Wishing you all the best for Christmas and the New Year.

Anonymous said...

No doubt, if you get the new camera for Xmas, you will be treating us to a lot mot local photos. Just like Kent's other famous blogging independant bookshop owner who uploads hundreds every week - Thanetonline.
Happy Xmas.

Tonbridge blogger said...

I hard that someone had taken the Church Lane shop so watch this space. Might be another kitchen showroom wo knows!

Tonbridge blogger said...

PB: I don't think I'll be drinking any of your rocket fuel recommendations thanks very much! Have a great Christmas! Hope you get what you really want. Half a tonne of barley, a bushel of hops and slab of yeast! I look forward to drinking some of your special brew in the New Year. A barter deal for books perhaps?!

Tonbridge blogger said...

Yes the pictures. That'll be because us booksellers have nothing better to do! I'll wait for Jessops half price sale to start so I can get that much covetted Canon 550D SLR. Until then I'll have to make do with me camera phone and me Powershot!