Thursday, June 16, 2011

Perfect Father's Day?...

Hope we get better weather in Tonbridge this Sunday than for the Carnival and Summer Fete last weekend. The Freedom Parade takes place from 2pm and crowds of at least 10,000 people are expected to line the High Street route of the march. The Princess of Wales Royal Regiment will be the main feature and, so I understand, they will also be joined by local cadet forces including that of Tonbridge School. There'll be entertainment on the big bridge at the end of the parade, followed by yet more on the Castle Lawn, including a display of weaponry. Throw in a few beers, a barbecue and some racing cars and surely you have the perfect  Fathers Day?!..

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Anonymous said...

Why is it called a 'freedom' march?

The sign above quantanamo detention and torture centre, says 'Honour Bound to Defend Freedom'

I hope our parade is not using newspeak.