Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Tonbridge Half Marathon Charities....

The way my training is going I'll be hobbling around the Tonbridge Half Marathon course in September (no don't say that: THINK POSITIVE instead!) but there's still plenty of time for anyone else to take part. Even if you don't take part by running in the event itself you can still get involved in a number of ways. The organisers will always be glad of any help from volunteers willing to help on the day at drinks stations for example. Then there sponsorship opportunities; I gather that a few of the prizes for the race are still to attract sponsors. I was thinking of Mr. Books for the over 50s prize actually, as reading books might be more appropriate for that age group! So that might be quite a good fit! Then there's simply watching the event on the day and cheering on the runners; let's get the whole town out for a festival atmosphere. Hopefully you may also wish to make a donation, however large or small, to one of the three chosen charities which you can do very easily online these days. You can see these on the official race web site and just click on the link. I'll single out Hospice in the Weald as my own personal favourite of the three, the others being the Kent Air Ambulance and DKH Legacy Trust. Tonbridge Blog won't be asking for individuals to sponsor me personally but instead would ask you to donate via their Just Giving page here. It's very easy to do and these days you can use paypal in addition to many other methods of payment. Anything you can give would be greatly appreciated by the charity I'm sure. Now then, I must get that calf muscle strain recovered as quickly as possible so that I can resume training. Any physios out there willing to help an old sportsman?!..

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