Saturday, June 25, 2011

Slade Summer Fete: a lovely traditional event....

Don't mess with these kids!

Medieval style drumming

Mind your fingers young squire!

Are they burgers a-cooking over yonder?
Just got back from spending a lovely half hour or so at the Slade School Summer Fete. It's only just around the corner from my shop and I know, from past experience, that it's usually a particularly well organised and fun packed event. I love these old fashioned fetes they give you a nice warm sense of belonging as you wander past the tombola, bric-a-brac stalls, children's toy stalls, burger and Pims tents. I even won not one but two prizes on the tombola: a nice bottle of Shiraz Rose and a jar of home made marmalade, both of which I love. On closer inspection the marmalade turned out to be Tomato Marmalade so it'll be interesting tasting that one! I mean what do you do with it? Put it on your toast in the morning? Or do you treat it like a chutney and have it on cheese? There's always loads of games for the children to enjoy like football penalties, basket ball, even archery. This year there was a Medieval theme (thus the archers) which meant we were treated to a drum band, medieval style dancing and marshal arts. Hang on is that Medieval? I guess it could be if we stretch things a little! I tell you after a couple of glasses of Pims and, a burger and some delicious Kent strawberries and cream it really didn't matter. It's still on now if you're in the area till 2-30pm....

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Suzannah Comm Correspondent said...

I couldn't get to this although it's a yearly event for me too, so it is great to read about it and see your photos. As for the marmalade - I'd say try it with a chunk of local cheese.