Sunday, June 12, 2011

Tonbridge Summer Fete....

This lad would rather be with the Tonbridge Lion than Mum!

Impressive display of Taekwondo

You don't mess with these guys!

The Cannon Irish Dancers added a more gentle touch to the proceedings

"Summer" really was stretching a bit today. It's sod's law isn't it that we've had one of the hottest springs on record and then come the day of the carnival and fete, the one day you need it to be fair weather, it drizzles on and off all day and howls with wind. You might say that, quite literally, it rained on our parade! But did this stop the good folk of Tonbridge from enjoying themselves. Well ok maybe a bit but, judging by these pictures, people were still having lots of fun and being entertained. Thanks once again for Tonbridge Lions fantastic organisation despite the weather. Nothing ever seems to dampen their spirits. Especially that furry one!...
Who says traditional entertainment was dead
New Tonbridge Mayor Brian "Whiskers" Luker presented awards for best floats and marchers
Can anyone see those twirlers. They've won an award!

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