Sunday, June 12, 2011

Tonbridge Carnival Live updates....

Show me the money!

Keep on twirling!

Mummy there's a man who looks like a canoe!

Take me back to 1975. I wish someone would!

The heart of any good carnival: the marching bands

Well the Tonbridge Carnival procession has been and gone and the weather didn't dampen the spirits of the people involved or indeed most of the spectators. It's always a happy event in the town and this year, apart from the usual array of marching bands, local businesses, social groups and the like newly promoted Tonbridge Angels were there for us all to see. I should of course refer to them as Warrilow's Blue n White Army since that's what it said on their banner carried by a couple of fans ahead of them! Anyway, hot off the press as it were here are a few photos for those who didn't want to brave it in the drizzling rain this afternoon. (You wimps!)

The Blue n White Army

I think this guy is too old to be a player so must be a coach!

The other Tonbridge sports team who did quite well last season!


Anonymous said...

love the blog :) The Tonbridge Angels "Blue 'n White Army" flag is mine :) I was the boy in the chequered shorts holding it :)

Anonymous said...

nice pics!!!!