Tuesday, January 6, 2009

The Credit Crunch revised poem...

Credit Crunch
(Don’t you feel so sorry for those City Boys?)

Those City Boys
They love their gadgets and little toys
They love their Porsche and Ferrari cars
Fully kitted,
With sat nav and anti-speed check radars

They swagger and they sway
No one gets in their way!
Another round of drinks on the tray.
More shallow girls wanting to play.
Off with some wedge to a modern art gallery
Not connoisseurs but with big fat salaries.

They’re the ones who say
They’ll call us
So long as they get their big fat bonus.
Telephone number pay cheques of which most of us can only dream
To them are just the standard,
Cos they’re the cats who always got the cream.

They’re the boys with loadsamoney
So I have to say it’s not very funny
That now we suffer from the “credit crunch”
Those City Boys, well, they’re out to lunch!

No, no it’s not with champagne and caviar
This time
But, just like the rest of us,
They’re queuing up at the sandwich bar!

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