Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Tonbridge blog....Ain't bovvered! well you should be

And here it is! The first ever TonbridgeBlog posting back in June 2006. As true today as it was back then. Crossing over to Google Blogger, I didn't want to lose any of the best bits from the old version of TBlog so I've copied many of them below. Read them cos it took me ages; in the meantime here is the first one:

Isn't it about time this town of ours, so steeped in history, had a web log site. This is an open invitation to the people of Tonbridge, past and present to post their views on any aspect of the town, its surroundings and its people. You can comment on any of the articles posted by Tonbridge blog. We cannot promise to publish every article sent in but there is a good chance. You can be as honest and frank as you like; this is an opportunity to have your say and and be heard. The subjects on which you could post views are almost without limit. You may have a view on the town's leisure facilities, shops, litter in the streets, building 'grot spots', schools, restaurants, yobbish behaviour in the streets, lack of policing, the Securitas robbery, Kelly Holmes, book fairs, the garden show you name it........ Lets hear from anyone who cares about their town, because let's face it we all should care a little at least. Young or old, fat or thin, able bodied or invalided have your say. 'Ain't bovvered!' Well you should be.....

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