Thursday, January 15, 2009

Matt's world: The great debate on racism....

He just does it everytime with his quirky view on the world. I'd love to live in Matt's World....


TonbridgeR said...

I am sorry but I am posting a rant here that has nothing to do with Matt's world.
Maybe somebody will read it and hopefully some of you may agree and take it on board.
There is this horrid smell that descends over Tonbridge occasionally. It can generally be smelt in the High Street, around Sainsburys and the centre of the town.
It comes from a company called Drytec on the Industrial Estate that produces chemical perfumes for cleaning products.
It is invasive and pollutes the air we breathe. Sadly we don't know how harmful these chemicals are but they are chemicals and we and our children are breathing them into our lungs. Together with our over polluted High Street from vehicles this is causing what could be a deadly cocktail.
Some of you may think that it's quite a nice smell and not quite as bad as the sewage smell that we get in the summer months, but we know that the sewage smell is just nasty and can't harm us. But what about this lot.
Even if one isn't worried about the chemicals surely we don't want our streets in Tonbridge to smell of this sickly smell. It's an invasion of our town, recreation places and private spaces.
It seems we don't have a choice on the matter. TMBC have been on the case for some years now and seen rather lethargic in solving the problem, and continue allow the smelly chemicals to descend on us.
If you are concerned in any way please contact Peter Hood at TMBC Enivronmental Health and air those concerns.
Even if he receives one concerned email it is a step forward to cleaning up the air in Tonbridge.
Contact him at>

Thanks for reading.

petrolstationvillage said...

Good Rant. Tonbridge air is awful isn't it?

I found an article online that said this 'on perfume' but I haven't got details of 'cleaning product perfume'. The article also said that perfumes can lead to infertilty. (It would be interesting if the Company would provide us all with the substances they're using).

"What's So Bad About Perfume?
As Professor Sharpe pointed out, perfumes contain a lot of compounds which are toxic to human beings in a variety of ways. Perfume may contain one or more of these ingredients:

Benzaldehyde - can cause kidney damage, irritation to the eyes and skin and stomach problems

Benzyl Acetate - can cause respiratory problems and has been linked in studies to pancreatic cancer

Alcohol in various forms - this can cause nausea and vomiting, blood pressure problems and in extreme cases, even death

Camphor - can cause dizziness, confusion and convulsions

a-Pinene - this can damage your immune system, or your baby's immune system if he is exposed to it"

The thing is, it is up to us as consumers to, if possible, avoid these products in the first place. The Government also need to be much tougher with these businesses.

TonbridgeR said...

Thanks - petrolstationvillage!!!!!
The article is interesting and there is evidence from the USA that these perfumes found in cleaning products, washing liquids/powders, etc can lead to a multitude of health problems.
The difficulty with a smell is that one can't gather evidence. It can't be photographed or seen. And therein lies the problem.
Therefore if anyone is concerned or wants to know more about the safety of the air in central Tonbridge please contact Peter Hood at TMBC as this is a form of gathering evidence. If anyone finds the odour intrusive or notices the smell please contact Peter Hood.
I hope you do Petrolstationvillage and I hope more readers of this blog are maybe now more concerned and will do the same.

Anonymouse said...

The air quality in Tonbridge leaves much to be desired especially as the town lays in a valley. This chemical odour is worrying. An email to TMBC will be written. Thanks for alerting

petrolstationvillage said...

That's quite all right Tonbridge R. It is just the tip of the iceberg with all this rubbish we have to breathe in Tonbridge.

I do my best to complain!