Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Keeping it local with KMFM....

Caroline, a young reporter from KMFM came along to interview me the other day having seen the Tonbridge blog posting about Tonbridge Towers. She was keen to get my views on how this 15 storey tower next to Waitrose would effect the town and especially the overall view of the town. I understand that she is also interviewing the council and Tonbridge Civic Society about the proposed development for a more balanced picture. She also asked me my thoughts behind a previous blog on having a new home for the market around the old part of town, somewhere near the Castle, where there has been a market since at least medieval times and probably even longer (apart from the last five years) Then a photographer arrived yesterday to take what, pre-digital cameras, would have amounted to about 5 reels of film. He had me posing outside Mr. Books shop, over looking the Castle car park, in front of the gate house. Caroline thinks that one of these stories might be on the front page of the Kent Messenger this week, barring another £50 million robbery, so I can't wait to see the Malling edition. (Incidentally, why don't they call it the Tonbridge edition then people in the town might actually buy a copy!)

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