Tuesday, January 6, 2009


This was posted as a comment against Fancy a beer in the evening? a recent article (scroll down to view) I thought it was worthy of a bit more exposure so here it is in full; and the anonymous commenter really did write the last line!
"What a depressing read! I just spent a good 20 minutes trawling through the comments about the pubs in Tonbridge on www.beerintheevening.com, and boy is that a complete downer. Almost every pub in the surrounding area is described in a derogatory manner.OK, Tonbridge (or Scumbridge as it's increasingly being called) has its faults. Tonbridge Town Planners have yet to work out what a plan actually is, it's intimidating to walk through the High Street sometimes, Tonbridge doesn't need another mobile phone, charity or betting shop and I have yet to spot a Police Officer outside of the Punch & Judy pub. However, Tonbridge has lots to offer: the parks are great, the castle is spectacular, the north end of town (around the castle) is lovely and has great potential, the public transport is excellent, the list goes on. We're all too happy to criticise but not to compliment.So, it got me to thinking... I've stayed in a variety of places whilst working over the last few years and, with a few exceptions, Tonbridge stands head and shoulders above most towns. Yes, you can't compare it to a pretty village like Goudhurst or a town of great historic standing like Stratford; but put it up against the likes of Slough or Barrow and it's wonderful!What we need to do is encourage people to celebrate the best in things and compare what Tonbridge has to offer with other towns of similar size.If all people want to do is whinge and complain then they should f*ck off and live somewhere else, 'cause you can bet your bottom dollar that they're exactly the people Tonbridge would be better off without. I'm not saying it's bad to complain, but people should do it in a positive manner. Put forward proactive suggestions for how to improve. Pressure your local MP or Councillor. Take action and Tonbridge will improve!Long live the Tonbridge Blog!"

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