Tuesday, January 6, 2009

What's the point of blogging?...

New year always makes me feel a little depressed, I'm not sure what it is maybe just the anti climax of Christmas and New Year celebrations having come and gone but there's always that feeling of deflation for me. It doesn't usually last more than a week or so before I shake myself out of it. Maybe now is a good time to reassess what the point of Tonbridge blog is. Why bother? A few of the reasons I can think of right now are listed below. Let me know if you think it's worth the effort:
The best reason I can think of is that by putting my thoughts "out there" I can free up space in my own mind (if that makes any sense!)
It gets it off my chest (and maybe onto yours)
I just enjoy writing.
I can do it more or less at the click of a mouse whenever the urge takes me.
Partly because I feel bothered about what happens to Tonbridge (although, if I'm honest I can't say that's a primary reason for blogging)
Originally it was a way of expressing my views anonymously (although probably not any more, since most people know who I am)
I think blogging is the 21st Century answer to people power (blogging has already had cabinet ministers embarassed and sidelined, John Prescott, it's made people famous, Girlwithaonetrackmind, Petiteanglaise; and it's made people rich YouTube is essentially a blog site.)
It's been around a few years now but still feels like you're in at the start of something new.
So is it worth carrying on? Search me....

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