Tuesday, January 6, 2009

A 12 storey tower block!...in Tonbridge??!

Surely not! But yes that seems to be on the cards down by the river. What's more in is basically going to be a training centre for church ministers with a specilaly designed prayer room at the very top of the tower, presumably to bring them as close to God as it's possible to be in Tonbridge. You will be able to see this tower from virtually anywhere in the town. Is it a good thing for the town, will it lift us to a more modernistic future, or should we stay as a quaint little market town (by the way with no market!) ?? I have a view on this that the tower will dominate the sky line too much and that the building does look a little like a rounded 1960s tower block, but my tastes are a little conservative. What do you all think, let's have your views....

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