Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Another My Tonbridge story....

Thanks to Michael Taylor for this one (Keep them coming, either post below or scroll down to find out email contact:
Having left Tonbridge some six years ago for the wilds of Norfolk,it is nice to look back on some sixty years in the town.From school at Newlands and Sussex Road to working days in and around Tonbridge.Memories of Market day with animals being herded down the high street from Hayesden Lane & Vizards farm. Snow and tobogoning on Lambs Bank. Escapades accross the the brick yard and rides in the clay skips. The war with doodle bugs and aerial scraps over the houses. Webbers nursery in Brook Street & the shop and postoffice opposite Speedway House & finaly for now watching the overhead cash system in the Co-op. So many more memories but must stop now.Mike T.

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