Tuesday, January 6, 2009

How times change....

This from Clifford's Guide to Tunbridge Wells, 1834.
Useful Information
For Those Residing in or Visiting Tunbridge Wells
There are races annually at Tunbridge Wells which usually take place about the middle of August, and are well attended by the visitants as well as the neighbouring gentry. They are principally supported by a subscription, which, as it is generally very liberal, and affords, at least, two day's diversion.
Musical Instruments let out for hire.
Table and Bed Linen, and Houshold Furniture, ditto.
Servants may be hired by the Day, Week, or Month &c.
Dinners dressed and sent out to private Families from the Hotels.
Sedan Chairs and four-wheel flies may be had on the shortest notice.
Each of the Hotels furnishes excellent Post Chaises and open Carriages.
There are three excellent Billiard Rooms: one at the upper Assembly Rooms; and the other two at Elliot's Library, Parade, and R.&T. Fry's Library, Calverley Promenade.
In Tunbridge Wells and it's vicinity, there are many valuable plants to be found; and those who have a taste for this interesting and useful study, will be amply re-paid by encouraging botanical researches.
Fishing, Fowling, and Hunting in the immediate neighbourhood.

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