Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Tonbridge Lions Dinner at the Hadlow Manor....

I've been asked to be an after dinner speaker at the Tonbridge Lions monthly gathering at the Hadlow Manor Hotel next Monday. I felt very flattered when they asked me last Novemeber whether I would do a talk, then I put it to the back of my mind as it was several months away, then I almost forgot all about it, then they reminded me. Now it is a few days away, now I'm thinking who is going to be there, now I'm thinking what the heck will keep an audience entertained for half an hour or so? Now I'm getting into a mild state of panic whenever I think about. That's me above pondering over it! Shall I
(a) go on holiday and pretend I forgot all about it? (Chicken out!)
(b) Go along and wing it, Ricky Gervaise in The Office motivational speech style baseball cap on and turned back to front?
(c) Really prepare for it and yet be so crammed up with information that on the night I can't think where to start and end up getting stage fright?
(d) or what, any ideas anyone, please, no really please????

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