Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Stick to Pizzas Mr. Johnson....

"How the new Mr. Books plans to change the way we read"
I didn't spot the article with the above headline when it was first published in the Observer back in September but what a flippin' cheek. Hands off the "Mr. Books" trade name Guardian Media Group, who were responsible for the article; hands of it Luke Johnson (the new Mr. Books in question) who has just bought Borders and Books etc. group for £10m. The name is now a registered trade mark so lay off, unless of course you want to buy it off me for, say, a cool million squid. After all, what have I got to fear from the multi millionaire (possibly billionaire) businessman who launched a takeover bid for the Pizza Express chain of restaurants at the age of 30. Apparently he knows even less about books than he did about Italian food before then, but I'm sure that won't hold him back. He did say this about books though:
"Book lovers like the tactile sense of a book, they help decorate a room. They are tremendously cheap compared to most things like, for example, mobile phone calls. The amount of time a £6 book provides - 20 hours of entertainment? - means they are fantastic value....They are a cornerstone of civilisation, so they're not quite like other consumer products. They are fundamental to intellectual development"
Now I wish I'd thought of that!...

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