Tuesday, January 6, 2009

That's the wonder of good old Woollies....

In response to Hildenboroughblog's comment about garish marketing and point of sale material in Woolworth's on Tonbridge High Street.
The trouble with garish marketing is that the retailer sees it from a different perspective. Woollies and others like them want to shift products and aren't really that bothered about whether it appeals to us asthetically or not, so long as their sales go up. The Hilden Manor is another good example. Garish, almost motel like, signage on a twelveth century building which townsfolk know and love. Is the result that people are put off going there by this in-yer-face marketing? No, in fact quite the reverse. In short, they know their market. So what can we do about it? Apart from joining the Civic Society and going to planning meetings and local forums, I can't think of anything right now....(This was posted as a comment in reply to Hildenboroughblog's, but unfortunately I accidentally wiped some comments during a routine clear up on the blog control panel; if I have inadvertently blocked anyone then apologies in advance. (just set up a new account if you have to.) It's a shame that I have to do this but you should see some of the filth which doesn't make it onto the Tonbridgeblog. Even a hardened, ex national press man like myself is shocked by some of it....what do you mean can you see some of it?...certainly not!)

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