Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Tonbridgeblog, probably the best blog in Kent....

Driving past Express Kebabs on Quarry Hill Parade at the South end of Tonbridge High Street the other day when I noticed their new shop front sign making the rather bold claim of making "The best Kebabs in Kent" One question: how do they know? Have they tried them all? Have they conducted extensive research amongst all the people coming home from all the pubs in Kent, or even a representative sample of them. Or have they even asked the people in Tonbridge what they think. I've had burgers and kebabs over the years from them and I would say that they are pretty good, they've certainly been in business long enough so they must be doing something right. But to claim they are the best in Kent? Isn't that just a step too far? I mean surely there has to be some control over what shops can and can't say. I wonder what the boys who run the kebab shop opposite the Medway School of Dance, at the North end of the High Street, would have to say about this claim. I might even ask them next time I fancy a donner or shish with masses of salad and a bucket full of chilli source on top. Anyway I must go now as I have to get on to my sign writer about that new sign outside my shop...."The best bookshop in the South East of England!"

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