Tuesday, January 6, 2009

What's 50 f'in pence these days?!..

One comment from MattieG this morning has actually got my back up, probably because I've got up on the wrong side of the bed this morning, but let's go with the mood anyway. I have already posted this response to his wingeing about having to pay 50p entrance charge to get into the West Kent Book Fair last Sunday. I hope he's not serious, but just in case he is here's what I had to say:
"Now you do know it's not 50 pounds don't you? 50 pence! 50 pence will just about buy you a can of fizzy drink, a packet of peanuts or crisps, a mars bar or the like, or maybe half a go on an arcade game at Bowlplex. Boot fairs charge 50p entry; antique fairs charge two of three pounds; record collector fairs about £4 and craft fairs about £5 or more. That 50 pence, times the 200 or so people who bothered to turn up on such a rainy day, allowed me to publicize the event in the in the Courier, the Sevenoaks Chronicle, the East Grinstead Courier, Kent Messenger, the Tonbridge Insider and the Book and Magazine Collector magazine. So all the visitor has to do is fork out the price of a bag of crisps in order to help stage a successful event for which book sellers had travelled from London, Brighton and all over the South East and indeed, in one case, Kings Lynn in Norfolk . If you're really that bothered about it come in my bookshop for a refund!..."

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