Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Your Views PLEASE....

Topics up for discussion today. Let's hear views on the following hot local issues:
Closure of yet more Post Offices, should we bother about that?
The town centre action plan; action or just talk?
Do we need a cinema in the town?
What about that town museum; we like to moan about not having one, but would we actually visit it if we had one?
Do we need the, so called, missing link road between London Road and Canon Lane?
Should Tonbridge be renamed Tunbridge as it used to be before Tunbridge Wells became so big? Why is it that the daughter town is in bold on most maps when the mother town is just a faint, also ran, town?
Should we build yet more houses in the town centre without improving infrastructure first?
Yes I know that this posting is slightly more serious than most of my rants, but these are all issues effecting the town you know and we all should damn well care at least sometimes!... Come on let's hear views from some new people as well as the regular commenters; Tonbridge blog knows you are out there, I've seen how many people view the site every day...

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