Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Accidents waiting to happen, Part 2: Long grass on roundabouts....

What can be done to avoid the problem of the long grass which grows so prolifically on major roundabouts and junctions? I'm mainly referring to the junction at the top of Quarry Hill, where the A26 and the A21 cross over, although some of you may know of others. Articulated lorries, buses and fast moving cars come speeding off the A21 as vehicles try to enter the junction in order to turn right or go straight on towards Tunbridge Wells. The danger spot at the brow of the Hill, right on the busy junction would be a lot lot safer if we all went out and bought ourselves four wheel drive cars or people movers. That way we would be higher off the ground and clear of the three foot long meadow grass growing there. Great for the sales figures of Land Rover and Mitsubishi and it would be one solution, but since that would be both too expensive for most and bad for the environment there is another way forward. FOR GOD'S SAKE COUNCIL OR HIGHWAYS DEPARTMENT JUST CUT THE GRASS MORE OFTEN IN THE SPRING AND EARLY SUMMER WHEN IT GROWS QUICKER!!..

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