Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Tonbridge blog reaching an intergalactic audience....

This is a genuine email from a Tom Baker and Doctor Who fan from Alabama, USA. It seems that Tonbridge is reaching people around the globe and maybe even people from the other end of the Galaxy. I'd love to meet him myself, so Tom if you're out there please teleport into my shop, or if that fails, get the number 4a bus!
"Hi Mr. Books,I read your blog regularly and like to look at the local pictures youshow. I found your blog whilst searching on Tom Baker. I am a big Tom Baker fan living in Alabama where it is very hard to findthings out about Tom's everyday life in Tonbridge Well and its environs.When you made mention of him, I just thought I would like to speak toyou to ask if you see him often walking around, and if you get to talkto him or anything. Since you have the bookshop as well, I have several friends looking forcopies of his autobiography for a reasonable price. Can you please keepyour eye out for that book? The condition is not as important as theprice. Anyway, just wanted to say hello and see if you would write back. Hopeyou have a wonderful day.Thanks,Martha AppleberryHuntsville, Alabama"

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